Re Zero

The series starts with a cliché begging. The main protagonist Subaru Natsuki is teleported to a new unknown magical land, where his life takes a turn for the better, and surprisingly for worse as well. This is nothing extraordinary, or new, however not many series dare to kill its main character at the end of episode one. It’s quite shocking for a series that starts out as a typical fantasy anime. Only after does our beloved protagonist finds out that not only has he been teleported, but has received a special power also. His special ability comes to play only after his death, when he is instantly brought back or revived you can say, to a previous checkpoint In life. Sort of like we see in many video games. Unfortunately, it’s not explained in the show what exactly counts as one, it left to the imagination of the viewer because of there a lot of events that take place during the course of the show. This is a blessing which gives him the opportunity to turn the certain event around, and therefore advance the main story. So many people like the anime re zero. You can buy the re zero dakimakura, re zero body pillow, emilia dakimakura,  rem pillow, felt hentai, sex re zero.

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