My Hero Academia

Among that many anime movies that are popular in Japan, My Hero Academia is also one of them. Famous for its heroic figures and fight sequences, the movie is a treat to the eyes for many. The story revolves around IzukuMidoriya, who is born without any super powers and dreams to become a super hero. He is a high school student at U.A. High School which is a school dedicated to make students learn super power to become super heroes. In this school, Izuku accidently meets All Might which changes his fate and helps him transforms into a super hero with a quirk (a special ability). But to become a super hero, one must pass the U.A. arc exam. The story also shows the story of other characters with carried abilities which join the school to share their abilities. Out of all of them Izuku succeeds in becoming a super hero by fighting all battles. Come here and choose the beloved body pillow here.

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