Kisaragi GOLD STAR

In Kisaragi GOLD STAR, Six friends live together in an apartment Kosumosu-sou. Even though it is old and run-down, their are always positive and enjoying their time together. Even now they are attending the same school, Kisaragi Academy, and each of them has a special talent, except Futami. He’s just an ordinary student and has always watched over his friends like a mother. Even though his childhood friends are all talented, they cannot do anything without him. Together they have a big dream, which will bring happiness to them all.As the popularity of Kisaragi GOLD STAR, The pillow case come out. There are so many nude Characters for you to choose.Kisaragi GOLD STAR - Tsubasa Haotone ANIME DAKIMAKURA JAPANESE PILLOW COVER and so on.

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