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Halo dakimakura is the wordwide leading online retailer for anime dakimakura hugging pillow, special high quality pillow cover case, inner pillow and accessories. Customers can find the vast online selection and choose their favorite dakimakura with great satisfaction. Our team of anime designers offer all types of custom hot anime body pillow for various characters. There are more than 7000 designs available. Halo dakimakura prides itself on exceptional customer service, high quality and affordable prices.                                         

1,Introduction of Our Pillow Cases

Ordinary Pillow Cases

With the popularity of  anime, dakimakura is quickly becoming a favorite, coming in many pillow cases with unlimited characters.They are available in great abundance, all available in our online catalog; simply follow the hyperlinks and get straight to choosing your favorite Dakimakura anime pillow case. Offering a high level of comfort and satisfaction, the Dakimakura pillow will transform your sleep pattern and make long for your bed even more! First time users have a hard time putting on the Dakimakura pillow case citing various reasons.

To get it right every time when putting on the Dakimakura pillow case over the Dakimakura inner, consider implementing the following five steps;

 #1 Roll Up the Pillow Case’s Bolster Cover

 #2 Match Pillow Case Corners To the Hugging Pillow’s Edges

 #3 Begin Tucking Down Over Dakimakura Inner

 #4 Align the Two Angles As You Tuck

 #5 Zip Up Dakimakura Case

How to Take Care of Your Dakimakura

#1 Washing As and When Necessary

#2 Showering before Going to Bed 

#3 Keeping Out Of Reach to Animals

#4 Trimming, and Later Filing, Your Nails

#5 Avoid Dropping Anime Dakimakura on the Floor

Choosing Your Ideal Dakimakura Pillow Material

Each of the materials used in the making of Dakimakura anime have varying amounts of durability, thickness, and softness. Consequently, this attracts varying retail prices as you’ll notice later on. The most popular materials used and readily available in the market are;

body pillow case

2,Multi-functional Pillow Cases

Sexy Zipped Pillow Case

To make the experience even more real and fun for you, the multi-functional pillow cases we retail can be customize on both sides. All you have to do is get in touch with us and send us the images you would like to appear on either side; we will later download and print them in the best possible detail.

The Sexy zipped pillow case differs from the other ones mainly due to its zipper. If you so wish, you can buy an inner made of pp cotton and with zippers on either sides. This sexy pillow doll is designed to contain male adult sex toys, complete with lube application to give you the real feel. While at it, why not thrown in 3D breasts and a stroker? Otakus is, by far, the most preferred male toy used to give the wildest pleasures.

If you need the consolation and company, your favorite anime printed on this pillow will see you long to get home more. While the cover and pillow may have slight color variations, this is to a very negligible degree. We follow through with our agreement with clients to bring forth the most vibrant, spotless colors. This item is purchased differently from the inner pillow, both of which we retail to you in unmistakably high quality.

body pillow case

Sexy Apart Legs Pillow Case

Looking quite similar to the earlier reviewed pillow case, this model with legs apart only offers you more pleasure and creates room for more daring imagination. The flexible legs can be held in any position you wish, bringing you to ultimate satisfaction is refreshing ways. You will derive great pleasure and enjoyment just from fondling with this ultra-soft creation.

Have you had enough of the front side, why not flip over the pillow case? Perhaps you love the view from behind more. With a little ingenuity, the pillow can also be held on its side. In all cases, this flexible design makes the pleasure feel all-the-more real, especially when you factor in the 3D features. 

body pillow case

3, Inner Pillow

Ordinary Inner Pillow

body pillow case

The inner pillow can be divided into pp cotton and down cotton.

body pillow case

Multi-functional Inner Pillow

For this experience to feel substantive, you need a Dakimakura inner which is subtly firm and lightweight. You can either settle for the inflatable inner, or one filled with the softest vibrant, and bouncy materials. We advocate for the use of the best inner material, chief apart legs and zipper PP cotton and Inflatable PVC apart legs inner pillow .

PP cotton: also referred to as polypropene, this thermoplastic polymer can be used to satisfy varying applications. The performance is excellent, thanks to the moderate and flexible design and functionality.

body pillow case

4, 3D Breast

body pillow case

Key Factors to Put Into Consideration Prior To Purchasing Dakimakura

A good night’s sleep is among the healthiest things you could gift yourself with. A wrong pillow will lead to uncomfortable nights and worse still, potentially lead to health issues. As a predominant part of the Japanese culture, Dakimakura relaxes the muscles. Other key compelling factors you should consider before for settling for this are;

# Your Sleepy Shape

Which is your most comfortable sleeping position? If you prefer lying on your back, go for a Dakimakura pillow designed to accommodate this. The width should be reasonable enough to allow for ample body movement. Most options lack the provision of adequate neck support, making them less favorable options. For side sleepers, U-shaped pillows and the Dakimakura cases offer the best torso support. The thickness of your pillow choice should align your spine and neck.

# The Dakimakura Comfort Factor

For most consumers, comfort is defined by the thickness offered around the shoulders and neck. Back sleepers will feel more at home while using mildly thick C-shaped hugging pillows. Rather than buy a bunch of cushions, go for the pillow which offers the most sleeping positions without strain. Longer pillows are always the best to go for.

# Know Your Dakimakura Fully

The combination of different Dakimakura shapes and materials counts a lot. With the variety available in the market, going into the details of the filling and other features will give you a clear depiction of what’s expected. The competition in this frontier has led to the combination of pocketed coils, cooling gel, and memory foam materials; all these are aimed at conforming to the body shape for uninterrupted comfort. There are also materials designed to counter medical complications such as asthma and chronic neck pain.

WHY CHOOSE US — Decades of experience, unmatched expertise.

1.We design and publish our own art work.

2.Enhancement of colors.

3.Double detector process to ensure product quality.

4.High tech advance Japanese imported printer.

5.Strong productivity, each product is hand sewed & digitally printed within 2 working days.

6.We use PayPal as a payment system. Your secure shopping is 100% guaranteed, it is fast, easy and safe.

7.30 Money Back Guarantee.

body pillow case

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