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Anime chat: flying in the sky, cherry blossoms in the animation is what kind of feelings?

Sakura, born in the western foothills of the Himalayas. Sui before the cherry was the wind, and later with the Chinese culture into the EGL, cherry blossom has become one of the core symbol of Japanese culture, is considered a national flower. Cherry blossoms in the people, no one hundred flowers, not how prominent. Our cultural traditions are more concerned with the so-called flowers. Enjoy the plum, love its arrogant; enjoy lotus, love its pure; enjoy chrysanthemum, love its weak; tours peony, love its rich gas; 


What is the feeling of cherry blossoms in Japanese culture? How is this feeling into the animation we are in contact with it? In this south flying cherry sky, the North cherry blossoms will open the period, to talk about those anime in the cherry.



Sakura is the beginning of a dream

The cherry blossom season begins in late March and early April, coinciding with the beginning of the new semester in Japan. At this time, students enter the new school year. Transfer students have set foot on the train, the train shuttle in the cherry blossoms, the protagonist into the new school. Even full of magic and fantasy light novels in the world is the case, even our Secretary is also a master through the cherry blossom petals into our field of vision.

In order to catch this trip "on behalf of the dream of departure" of the car, a lot of animation in the cherry blossom embedded in the school name. For example, in the "delusion of student union" in the high school (Sakura high school): in that cherry sky in April, the protagonist Tsud Tin entered this newly converted by the female school high school, began the foot of the boat N High school life. There are "K-On!" in the Sakura high. Oh, there is the paradise of rot women "cherry blue high school".

Compared to the students, just graduated students at this time before entering the company soon. Those who have just become social people, is undoubtedly the most easily called to call the younger generation. In Japan, the company cherished cherry before the night of the site, lunch boxes drag the beverage to become a new course of the company. 


Cherry tree ushered in the first love

Sakura fans are full of funny fun, mixed with a trace of temptation in purity. In the name of the cherry blossom village dormitory, met the name of the white girl. Natural ignorant, but the vacuum to seduce the main man. Ordinary ordinary high school students sweet first love in this place called cherry blossoms. Pink first love can also occur in the species filled with cherry, called the first sound of the island. Endless cherry rain, and the name of the girl with cherry.


Pink first love can also occur in the cherry blossom of the narrow Osaka Road, young eccentric singer met him to change the girl, at the moment he vowed to sing for him. A story from the beginning of love into a mature, the story of a family, a ramp, a small town of the story, was cherished by the cherry of this story, laughing tears, there are ordinary miracles.


Perhaps not the first love, cherry tree under the story is a arrogant delusion, can not witness the love, cherry can also witness friendship. In the face of the pool full of cherry blossoms, the boys into a huge shock, although finally a heavy rain thoroughly swept their interest. The same is the five boys (the middle also have a return of study), they will not be full of fun in the pool, but also formed a "juvenile alliance", the humor and warmth to a high dimension of the world.


Cherry ushered in the first love but also sent away the first love

First love is always ending is not enough, calculate the speed of a petal fall, tell lovers this is our nearest distance. But the distance between the world has finally separated the two places, had to sleep in the snow and night lying in the waiting room, but also to love confused in the streets of the city. The young thing will also be put down, perhaps pass by, perhaps it is just a mistake, not returnees, nor passing, just lost in this cherry blossom alley.



Some of the first love lost left a wistful, and some are separated from the heart of Yin and Yin biting. In the cherry blossoms in April, the girls standing under the park tree, blowing the organ, the world's colorful to the boy. The boy is in love, but she can not speak in my heart. When he retrieved the lost self, and learned that the girl's affection, the story of April ended, lies, first love, together with the hope that with the last piece of branches of the cherry tree ended, blowing away the final Without a trace But the living man should not be depressed, with the hope of the deceased to continue.


Cherry red is blood dip on the branches

Legend, cherry tree is buried under the dead body of the warrior. Cherry tree under the greatest tragedy is not a personal love and hate, but standing in the opposite of the times can not be avoided. The decline of the new election group is inevitable, the shogunate decline is inevitable. The young warrior was fighting for the end of the idea. "Hakuoki" story, although somewhat fantasy, but involuntarily unfortunate life is still sad.

Cherry tree has a corpse, in a reasoning animation was Lenovo into such a name "Miss Cherry buried at the foot of the body." Although there is no samurai tragedy, but also can prove that cherry and the deceased such a relationship, is deeply rooted.


In the soon to come in April, naturally, all kinds of cherry blossoms of the animation. In particular, some of the animation simply put the cherry on the name of the animation, PAWorks "cherry task" is such an animation. The story tells the story of several young staff vows to revive the local tour. And "Hanasaku Iroha" cherry, the animation of the cherry is bound to be full of hope, positive and progressive.

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ACG Bulletin: "UQ Holder / Long Holders" Animation OK October broadcast!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 8:40:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

Preface: Once produced "11eyes" galgame game LASS company went bankrupt.

Observation of ACG Bulletin NO.1008

"School girl Strikers" animation Episode 11 hot springs back, or in accordance with the "world of five baths" principle, the practice of each set of protagonists are in the bath, and this set does not take the light also comes with artificial Paladin, the back is certainly Many sister together with brave Weng, relaxed and happy animation, Ze City wife, Kobayashi only, day high in the dish, Huazawa coriander and other shadows play the role of selling Meng, hand swim propaganda wave, which is the highlight of the animation and purpose 

"Teenage Wars" Episode 10 animation, Tanya led the magic guide forces successfully raid the enemy headquarters, both stuck in the Ryan front of the situation reversed, the Imperial Army began to counterattack, but the actor turned to the world of young girls "presence X "Certainly not so easy to let Tanya end the war to enjoy peace, so in front of the ninth episode, almost died in Tan Ya's uncle soldiers were" X "saved and given power, so in the 10th episode Tan Ya suffered ambush The.

"Akihabara Journey" with the "Killer" similar, are based on the original basis to adapt to the animation, in January when the animation is not broadcast, observe the king with other users read the official announcement of the set map, Understand the animation is not with the original people to do, or "ruined the original!" "Animation Mom what stuff it!" This is no problem, "Young Girl War" animation and you give away from the novel illustrations and comics Style, as a member of the point of view of the work of animation or can, although the plot less of those original wonderful fun role of psychological activities, but with the flow of wood and the sound of the outbreak of the line to give the animation to add a lot of charm.

"Akihabara trip" animation is the essence of the Akihabara propaganda film, each episode of all kinds of play stems, the actor of the kind of extreme royal house, playing headset radio waves, card game against each other brain battle scenes, Just as do not understand in the look of sucker, do not know the official is ironic, or express the romantic and fun between the dead house. "Akihabara trip" official also announced that the final words will be two love action film girlfriend guest animation in the supporting role, the specific name omitted.

Red pine "UQ Holder / long holder" animation OK October broadcast!

Official officially announced in October 2017 new fan "long holder" TV animation visual map and production lineup, this animation will be produced by JCSTAFF. Feeling is not restored, animation supervision is "Urara dirty friends" Suzuki Yang Ping, the series is composed of red pine and Yasukawa Masanori responsible.

"Long-term holders" can be said that red song teacher this work is "magic teacher" sequel, fighting and welfare correct, actor knife too inherited ancestral grandfather's harem offspring, or a sense of NTR also Grandpa , The observation of the king did not look for a long time comic, and comics only to see the actor knife on the snow Ji according to Wen Jie Lin · A · K · McDowell direct confession to marry, and intend to have time to spend a one-time look. Observe the king in the public in 2015 (second observation) mentioned this comic, then not many people read, there are records on the site above.

Eleventh Echo Award won the starring men and women singular awards are: on the white stone Meng sound, God Mu Long of the mediated. The new female voice excellent award is the small Zeya and thousands of wood flowers, the new male song is the Uchida male horse, three are from the IM community, as well as Kobayashi Yusuke (486) also won the new male prize. Water Mission Aqours won the singing prize, Hua Jiang Xia Shu won the best presided over the award, the photo still can not see his eyes.

Kwai Kwan South's new novel "TV game" to determine TV animation!

"Gaming Coffee" This novel is the latest work by Kwai Kwan South in 2014, and has now launched a six-volume book. "TV game" in the story of the "student's own opinion" role, the package has been recommended, in detail, see " " gaming coffee "your relationship between the chaotic Japanese light novels! "

欅 asa 46, new song "uncoordinated sound"

"Knot city is the brave man" prequel animation in April broadcast!

Photo of the three seiyuu is the protagonist of the animation is the flower by the United States (born in 1997, the new seiyuu, "Unhappy ♪" flowers Koizumi apricot, "magic girl breeding plan" sleep, voice is sweet, had a photo She is holding the farming law), three Sen Reiko (LoveLive sea Lord), Huazawa coriander (his aging mother's smile has been contracted by the small wild chapter!)

Shou Shi Shi Ming announced that "passers-by women's way to develop" novels will be the end of the thirteenth volume!


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2017 the best Overwatch Cosplay

Sunday, March 19, 2017 8:26:54 PM America/Los_Angeles

Have you ever play the game overwatch? This is the most popular shooter game nowadays. The game is

filled with action, dynamic and competition. And this game requires high level skills. That is why people

want to play it again and again after their first try. Each character has their own fans all over the world.

Overwatch cosplay is a way that can help people to express their like and passion.


"I play to win!" Hana Song’s quote, in the game overwatch, Hana Song, also known as D.Va, is one of the

main heroes and characters from Overwatch. She is a nineteen year old gamer. She uses her skills to

protect her homeland.




Twenty years ago, Korean’s MEKA’s drone-control networks was disrupted by other countries’ omnic. The

government need to find some pilots candidates. So they turned to world champion Hana Song and reigned

with her. She is a professional gamer who has a good reputation with elite skills.


D va overwatch:



This cosplay was done by "AZA Miyuko Cosplayer" you can see more cosplay photos from her Facebook page.


A major part of Overwatch’s appeal is character personality. For example, Tracer is an especially interesting

case. She is a queer character, peppy and fun, but also courageous and badass. In her fans’ eyes, she is

Overwatch’s most visible hero.


Do you meet a live-action Tracer? Hoteshi is such girl. She is a cosplayer from Russia. Her tracer cosplay

 is 100% perfect match the game’s tracer from her hair to clothes to armour to makeup.




Especially the armour most cosplayer put it wrong place, it should be wear on shoulder. If you like her, you

can see more her cosplay photos on deviantart.



The Russian cosplayer Jannet "Incosplay" Vinogradova’s famous work is the cosplay of Overwatch Widowmaker.

She makes this character looks like ripped out of game. Jannet is one of member of the overwatch cosplayers

group which is established after overwatch game’s release. She often joins some relevant official events with

her group friends. Her appearance is pretty resemblance to the character Widowmaker in the game. Maybe

she is the best widowmaker, however, only widowmaker and tracer show up together, that cosplay can be

called perfect. Because they two are best friends in the game. Jannet often go with her trace cosplayer friends

on public.




They looks very happy.


The reaper is cosplay by Bloodraven. When she saw the reaper character at the first time. She was obsessed

by its design. From that time on, she decided to bring this figure to a future cosplay. Some overwatch cosplay

tool is made by her. She pick up the suitable material by herself, besides other people also help her a lot.

She said she would not finished this overwatch reaper cosplay without etsy seller and her family and friends.




She is a very talented cosplayer. I can imagine how long it took to make these pieces for the female Reaper


costume, the amount of parts alone is amazing and impressive. Due to the effort and all the details that make

she’s cosplay one of the best overwatch reaper cosplay all time. Now enjoy her photos:


Although there is always been numerous overwatch cosplayer, some people will still give us surprise. They

consistently offer us good cosplay works.


This picture is Genji Cosplay by Just Cosplay & Props.




From his first cosplay, he did a lots of research material and spent several weeks to build this Genji cosplay.

Luckily he can use the tool that his school already have, such as 3D printers, sanders, saws, laser cutters,

vacuu-forming. With the help of these tools, he made the Genji’s props and armor. The whole builting process

is the same like other people do. Take research of material > design patterning > cutting > heating > glueing

> plasti-dipping > painting . Weathering.


After his complete first cosplay genji cos, more and more people follow him and expect his next cosplay.

Recently, he post his normad genji cosplay and the newest oni genji. He is the best genji cosplayer, i can’t wait his next cosplay.


Mercy cosplay by the pretty Lyz Brickley

Gun by 2nd Nature FX

Photo by Bear.




The Mercy cosplay is a really good job. Its costume and wings almost perfect.


This is the best overwatch cosplay i’ve see, what about you guys?


Lyz Brickley also upload a youtube video to teach people who like mercy cosplay how she made the mercy

armor. If you want to make it by yourself, you can search the tutorial video.


Overwatch - Symmetra Cosplay


Cosplayer: Angelus



Symmetra is an adaptable support character, capable of defending objectives while helping her teammates

simultaneously. With abilities such as Sentry Turret and Teleporter, Symmetra can position her team and protect objectives.

An amazing Symmetra cosplay! Lovely details! *v*


As for her in the game, I was so confused playing her and I had no idea what I was doing.




Soni Aralynn already wore an amazing Sombra, made by the super talented Henchmen Props! She was

just perfect for her Sooooo... Who is cosplaying Sombra next??? :)


Soldier 76 by corruptcosplay


From the hair to the gun, all the details in this soldier 76 jacket were really carefully put together. I haven’t

seen too many Soldier 76’s out there, so kudos to this guy for nailing the character. You can find him on his Instagram.


McCree by Squiby. Squiby is a 3D artist and 2D artist.




Ah McCree, our favourite gunslinger of Overwatch. This is one of the very few McCree’s I’ve seen and he

did a pretty bang on job with it too.


McCree cosplay is few, however, female McCree cosplay is fewer. This female version of McCree by Canadian

cosplayer Andy Rae is simply fantastic!!!!




Here’s hoping for even more of them in the future.



Which one did you think was the best Overwatch cosplay on the list? Welcome to tell us and we will keep

eye out for more of the best Overwatch cosplays and keep the list up to date. 

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User Guide - Points System

Monday, November 28, 2016 1:27:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

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About Halo dakimakura

Monday, November 21, 2016 1:48:16 AM America/Los_Angeles

About Halo dakimakura

Halo dakimakura is the wordwide leading online retailer for anime dakimakura hugging pillow, special high quality pillow cover case, inner pillow and accessories. Customers can find the vast online selection and choose their favorite dakimakura with great satisfaction. Our team of anime designers offer all types of custom hot anime body pillow for various characters. There are more than 7000 designs available. Halo dakimakura prides itself on exceptional customer service, high quality and affordable prices.

WHY CHOOSE US --- Decades of experience, unmatched expertise.

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4.High tech advance Japanese imported printer.

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6.We use PayPal as a payment system. Your secure shopping is 100% guaranteed, it is fast, easy and safe.

7.30 Money Back Guarantee.

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