A channel

A Channel (Aチャンネル Ē Channeru), is a Japanese four-panel comic strip by bb Kuroda.Two adolescent girls named Tooru Ichii and Run Momoki have been best friends since childhood. After taking their entrance exams, Tooru successfully managed to get enrolled into the same high school that Run is attending. She decides to go tell her friend the big news, only to come at a bad time to find out Run and her new classmate Yuko Nishi have gotten themselves involved in an embarrassing situation; which begins to make things a bit awkward but funny on their first day of school, as Tooru begins fending off other people-(including boys) who might show their interests in Run while Yuko and their other friend, Nagi Tennoji, start dealing with Run's own penchant for drama. As Run, Nagi and Yuuko begin their sophomore year while Tooru begins her freshman year, their exciting high school life filled with drama, humor and adventure begins for the four friends during their everyday lives.As the popularity of A Channel , The pillow case come out. There are so many nude Characters for you to choose.A Channel - Tooru Ichii ANIME DAKIMAKURA PILLOW COVER, Run Momoki ANIME DAKIMAKURA PILLOW COVER and so on.

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