A Certain Scientific Railgun

A Certain Scientific Railgun (Toaru Kagaku no Rērugan) is a Japanese manga series.In the futuristic Academy City, which is made up of 80% students, many of whom are espers possessing unique psychic powers, Mikoto Misaka is an electromaster who is the third strongest of a mere seven espers who have been given the rank of Level 5. The series focuses on the exploits of Mikoto and her friends; Kuroko Shirai, Kazari Uiharu, and Ruiko Saten, prior to and during the events of A Certain Magical Index.As the popularity of A Certain Scientific Railgun, The pillow case come out. There are so many nude Characters for you to choose.A Certain Scientific Railgun Mikoto Misaka Anime Dakimakura Pillow Cover, Accelerator Anime Dakimakura Pillow Case,  Misaki Shokuhou Anime Dakimakura Pillow Cover, Kuroko Shirai Pillow Cover,  Ruiko Saten Pillow Cover and so on.

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