1/2 summer

"1/2 summer" (Japanese: ワンサイド・サマー wansaido sama-) is an 18 banned love adventure game sold by ALcot Honey Comb (ALcotハニカム) on June 29, 2012.During the summer vacation, Kaname was asked to help out at his family's inn in Tohoku. He had expected it to be a refreshing change from the sweltering heat in Tokyo, but when he arrived at the train station with his younger sister Kazuha, he was surprised to find that the town he once lived in, now have a huge school built in it. Boarding a crowded bus and traveling out of the city to Kusanagi Inn, he was relieved to see the familiar country scenery once again. But why are there schoolgirls in the inn?As the popularity of 1/2 summer, The pillow case come out. There are so many nude Characters for you to choose.1/2 summer - Ushio Kaminogi ANIME DAKIMAKURA PILLOW COVER,  Sora Kuonji ANIME DAKIMAKURA PILLOW COVER and so on.

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